Electric & Fuel
Water Heaters

A electric or fuel-fired water heater from Precision Boilers delivers an exceptionally long service life with proven technology that’s highly reliable and simple to maintain. It’s no wonder facility managers and system design engineers throughout the U.S. turn to us for their water heating needs.

Our water heaters are built for heavy commercial, institutional and industrial applications. We often provide solutions for potable water heating in K-12 school buildings, college and university dorms, hospitals, office buildings, government buildings and more. With a variety of standard tank sizes, recoveries and vessel configurations, we have a storage water heater to fit nearly any specification.

At Precision Boilers, we design and fabricate electric and fuel-fired water heaters with either Precision Seal (PS) or Aluminum Silicate Cement (C), both are NSF-61 compliant. The PS lining is a two-part epoxy and is a popular alternative to glass lined tanks as it’s suitable for storing water up to 180°F, it prevents buildup and corrosion, and unlike glass linings, Precision Seal linings can be repaired in the field. Our heaters are available in electric (HWS series), fossil-fuel fired (FPW series), or indirectly heated designs (PHWS, PHSI).

Contact Precision Boilers today to for a sustainable, cost-effective water heater solution for your commercial, industrial or institutional facility.

Electric Water Heaters

Fuel-Fired Water Heaters

Skid Packaged Boiler Systems

Our ‘boiler room on a skid’ is the most customized solution available. This complete steam generating system is custom designed by Precision Boilers’ engineering team. It comes pre-piped and pre-wired with controls on a common base that is fully functioning and factory tested.

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