About Us

Precision Boilers is a highly respected industrial and commercial electric boiler design and fabrication company.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing efficient, sustainable electric and electrode boilers for customers around the world. With our broad product line, we create complete boiler room solutions that are easy to use, simple to maintain and tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our History

Precision Boilers entered the hydronic heating and plumbing industry in 1946 when we engineered, developed and produced our first product, the Precision Sump Pump.

A year later, we designed and fabricated our first electric boiler. The company and its reputation continued to grow, and our capabilities expanded to include electric steam boilers and electric hot water storage heaters.

During the 1990s, we developed a line of power-gas-fired vertical firetube boilers and water heaters. From there, we added more complementary and ancillary products to our electric boiler portfolio.

Through acquisition, the company added a line of hot water and steam flexible watertube boilers. We also began offering a complete line of feedwater storage and delivery equipment, including condensate return tanks, deaerators and feedwater supply systems.

Pushing a Sustainable Future

Precision Boilers also introduced indirect fired packaged hot water and steam generators. We entered the heat side thermal storage business with custom designed Thermogenetic™ systems, helping to establish us as the go-to boiler room resource.

The most significant addition to the Precision Boilers product line has been the High Voltage Jet (HVJ) Electrode Boiler. It’s designed to operate on less expensive line-voltage (13.2 kV) with the size and capacity to fit the largest industrial and power generation applications. The HVJ is changing the way power engineers and industrial process engineers think about steam generation.

Advantage of Working with Us

Whether you’re completely outfitting a new boiler room or replacing aging equipment, Precision Boilers is your complete industrial and commercial boiler room resource. With our wide breadth of hydronic heating and plumbing product solutions, we offer the distinct advantage of having everything you need for a safe, reliable and sustainable boiler system: a trusted reputation, reliable equipment, unmatched customer service, custom solutions, exceptional quality and industry expertise.

Trusted Reputation

Building upon seven decades of boiler design and construction success. 75 years from that first sump pump and electric boiler, Precision Boilers continues to seize opportunities to innovate, while adapting to changes in the many markets we serve.

Unmatched Customer Support

Precision Boilers consistently strives for highly satisfied customers through:

  • Reliability
  • On-time delivery
  • Clear, complete documentation for both submittals & as-builts
  • Start-up support
  • Warranty
  • After-sales support

We save your most valuable resources – time and money – with easy access to services and support. One-source equipment purchasing simplifies procurement of both traditional and specialty boiler products. Our submittal & as-built docs are clear and complete. We also offer professional start-up and commissioning services with dependable operating support after the sale.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Trust Precision Boilers’ local sales representatives and engineering design team to create a complete boiler room system tailored to your project’s specific needs. You’ll save time, money and manpower while increasing efficiency and reducing uncertainty and potential delays.


We stand by our product from beginning to end. Precision Boilers’ quality policies and principles are designed to ensure all products and services consistently meet or exceed customer requirements. We provide consistent results that our customer can trust.


When you work with Precision Boilers, your project is in experienced, trustworthy hands. Our boiler systems are Precision Boilers’ boiler systems are built by a team of seasoned professionals and skilled tradesmen. We are proud of our vast experience, nearly 200 years combined, in welding, engineering, pipe-fitting and electrical.

Contact Precision Boilers today to start planning the optimal boiler room solution for your project.

We Make the Complex Simple

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