Boilers for Humidification

Precision Boilers provides highly efficient, responsive electric boilers and steam generators for industrial and commercial humidification.

Maintaining proper humidity levels is usually a straightforward process

Commercial Building Boilers

Typically, the goals are simply comfort and indoor air quality. While there’s a definite optimal range, the amount of moisture in the air doesn’t have to be precise. In larger commercial and industrial settings, however, air that’s too dry or too wet can have a critical impact on operations and/or production. That’s why it’s important to partner with an experienced team for an optimal humidification system.

Our customer base includes a wide range of industries, each with specific humidification needs. In the printing industry, for example, it’s important to limit electrostatic charge as paper runs through the presses. Static electricity buildup can also damage computers and other sensitive machinery. Proper humidity can also improve indoor air quality in hospitals, office buildings, hotels and multifamily housing, which helps reduce airborne irritants like bacteria and viruses.

Often, our customers’ goals also include improving sustainability and reducing emissions. Depending on the situation, we may be asked to replace an aging fuel-fired boiler or add a new, more efficient boiler to an existing system. In most cases, however, customers opt to have us build a complete electric boiler package with steam generators, steam boilers, deaerators, storage tanks, blowdown tanks and more.

How Can We Help?

Contact Precision Boilers about your facility needs, and we can help you choose the best boiler for your application.

Benefits of Electric Steam Generators and Boilers

  • Keep overall operating costs down
  • Limit unexpected downtime
  • Small footprint
  • No venting needed
  • Quick response to changing load demands
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Lower carbon emissions

Types of Facilities

  • Museums, libraries and archival facilities
  • Laboratories and cleanrooms
  • Data center
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Packaging facilities
  • Wood furnishing manufacturers
  • Printers

Custom Solutions

Precision Boilers manufactures a comprehensive catalog of electric boilers, fuel-fired boilers and ancillary equipment that are easy to maintain. Facility managers turn to us when they need a turnkey solution for efficient industrial and commercial humidification.

Before recommending a boiler package, we’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your current humidification system as well as your needs and goals for the future. This includes peak load demand, any seasonal demand shifts, and your sustainability targets. We’ll use this information to recommend a boiler system that will deliver the cost savings, energy efficiency and precise humidity control your facility needs.

Get Your Custom Solution

We’re here to help with your humidification needs. Contact Precision Boilers today for a boiler package designed just for you.

Recommended Products

At Precision Boilers, we design and manufacture fuel-fired and electric boilers and related equipment needed for humidification.

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