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No matter the industry or application, Precision Boilers brings decades of design & fabrication experience, technical know-how, and engineering expertise to deliver unique boiler room solutions that fit your specific needs. Precision Boilers are used in hospitals, schools, government facilities, retail locations, and production facilities of all kinds to deliver efficient, reliable hot water and steam for any number of uses. We design and fabricate a broad, yet deep line of boiler room products to fit nearly any application—more than virtually anyone else in the business. This gives us the ability to recommend exactly the right product to meet your particular needs and specifications. When we are on your project team, you can be confident that we will provide the optimal solution for your best result.


At Precision Boilers, we know a failed water heater is a building manager’s worst nightmare; whether the facility is without hot water for 12 hours or 12 days. The impact on users is not simply inconvenient, it’s dramatic and can completely shutdown foodservice or laundry services. That’s why Precision Boilers focuses our expertise on heavy-duty designs and conventional, time tested technology that is highly reliable, simple to maintain, and delivers exceptionally long service life. Our broad range of standard tank sizes, recoveries, and vessel configurations meet almost any application, or we can customize a standard model to solve a unique installation requirement.

Commercial Boiler Systems

Our electric and gas-fired boilers serve a diverse range of commercial applications, from humidification, space heating, and snow melt to small-scale commercial batch processes like dry cleaners, laundries, micro-breweries and small batch distilleries. Precision Boilers boiler room systems can be found in K-12 schools, office buildings, warehouses, college dorms, hotels, community hospitals, vacation resorts — even greenhouses. Our products are rugged, industrial grade and built to last.


Whether you work on the air-side or the water-side, Precision Boilers can provide a cost-effective solution to fit your space heating or humidification requirements. Since HVAC/R systems account for over 50% of a building’s energy usage, selecting and sizing the system’s boilers and boiler room equipment is critically important to all stakeholders in the project. Whether it’s a relatively small office complex, a downtown high-rise, or a 400-bed teaching hospital with on-site diagnostics, Precision Boilers has the right boiler for the job. From water source heat pumps to forced air heating coils, our boilers will deliver heat where you need it, when you need it.

Central Steam Plant

Today, most steam boilers currently operating in central steam plants are over 35 years old and reaching the end of their design life. In many cases, these boilers are now oversized, due to renovations and the installation of new technology that conserves energy by reducing thermal loads. These same energy saving technologies have led to changes in building design practices and equipment selection. Our innovative and unique solutions offer district heating facility managers and corporate utilities managers the ability to reduce total cost of operations and comply with environmental restrictions. Our solutions go beyond sizing for peak thermal demand. We dig deeper to consider: the steam plant’s dynamic load profile; actual operating boiler efficiency based on the load profile; seasonal shifts in the steam load; and daily/hourly fuel costs. In many cases, specifying a mix of both fossil-fuel fired and electric boilers results in the lowest total energy costs by taking advantage of off-peak electric rates. Just as importantly, a multi-fuel solution will give facility managers negotiating leverage when fuel prices change in the future.

Boilers for Health Care

Without steam, a hospital cannot perform its primary function of caring for patients. In addition to space heating and humidification, health care facilities require steam for sterilization and processing medical waste. An uninterruptable steam supply must be guaranteed, so hospitals are forced to rely on fuel oil or propane that is much more expensive and must be trucked to their facility for on-site storage. Installing an electric boiler as a third alternative eliminates the high costs of switching to the alternative fossil fuel, and allows the facility manager to leverage off-peak electric rates when natural gas is ‘curtailed’. Some Precision Boilers’ customers have reported annual savings of $400,000 by selective fuel-switching to electric as their natural gas alternative.

Boilers for Industrial Process

Precision Boilers has more than 70 years of experience designing and fabricating electric, gas, and oil-fired steam boilers for a wide range of industrial applications, as well as the ancillary equipment required for condensate collection and feedwater supply. We dig deep to understand the process load profile while taking into account actual operating boiler efficiency, seasonal shifts in the steam load, and daily/hourly fuel costs, to offer solutions that go beyond sizing for peak thermal demand. Using both fossil-fuel fired and electric boilers in the steam plant can result in the lowest total energy costs and gives production managers more negotiating leverage when fuel prices change. Precision Boilers makes boilers that are tough enough for the biggest, most demanding process applications and smart enough to minimize total operating costs.

Boilers for Power Generation

With environmental regulations imposing drastic changes on the power generation industry, generating stations that were traditionally base-loaded are being forced into load following roles that require frequent shut-downs and restarts with very short notice. Many new generating assets are capable of coming on and off line in minutes. Operating at very high temperatures and pressures, these generators require auxiliary steam to keep them warm when off-line and for start-up when dispatched. Precision Boilers’ electric steam boilers and generators are the perfect fit for these applications; they come on line faster than traditional gas-fired boilers due to their very low water volume, high turndown, and 99% efficiency at all loads. More importantly, electric boilers are much less expensive to operate in their frequent standby mode, while the plant generates power. Precision Boiler can also provide the total boiler room package including feedwater sets, blowdowns and superheaters. Our efficient and reliable products improve overall performance, reduce total operating costs, and prevent unexpected downtime, to increase profitability for power plants (nuclear and non-nuclear) across the country.

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