Boilers for Food Processing

Rugged, energy-saving boilers & steam generators for food production facilities

Control Overhead and Improve Sustainability

Boilers For Food Processing

There are two critical components of food processing that can’t be controlled: food costs and fuel prices. Food production facilities rely on boilers for a multitude of applications, from sterilization to cooking. Typically, these boilers are fossil fuel-fired, which means production costs fluctuate along with fuel prices. As a result, product prices must also increase in order to maintain profit margins. But converting from fossil fuel boilers to electric can help control costs and support environmental goals.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the food & beverage industry is one of the top five industries in the U.S. for energy-related CO2 emissions. As a result, food production companies’ industrial decarbonization efforts can have a huge impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The DOE recommends pursuing electrification of process heating, pasteurization and evaporation to improve energy efficiency. To that end, Precision Boilers provides energy efficient, cost-effective boiler upgrades for food processing and production facilities throughout the United States.

Using electric boilers and steam generators in the food processing industry offers better efficiency, less reliance on fossil fuels, lower energy costs and precise temperature control. An electric steam generator or boiler can be used for multiple applications, resulting in further cost savings. Since electric boilers are small and don’t require venting, it’s often possible to place multiple boilers in the same footprint of a larger fuel-fired boiler. This adds redundancy so production doesn’t have to stop for boiler cleaning or maintenance.

We specialize in designing and fabricating electric boiler packages that are tailored to fit our customers’ unique needs. Our customers count on us for solutions that provide building heat, hot water, pasteurization, sanitizing, sterilization, cooking, drying, packaging, cleaning, humidification and more. Electric boilers can also provide heat for ovens, fryers, steamers, jacketed kettles and other food preparation equipment.

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Benefits of Boiler Upgrades in Food Production

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Increase steam & hot water capacity
  • Save on fuel costs and operating expenses
  • Support fossil fuel-fired boilers with electric boilers
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Better reliability
  • Less downtime
  • Decrease fossil fuel use

Types of Facilities

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Canneries
  • Food packaging plants
  • Meat packing plants

Custom Solutions

While you can’t control the cost of food, Precision Boilers can help you find ways to reduce fuel costs at your food processing facility. Whether you’re a small local bakery or a large cannery, we can customize an electric boiler package that fits your needs.

We’ll begin by evaluating the peak load demand, the dynamic load profile and any seasonal shifts in demand. All applications you’d like to use the boiler and/or steam generator for will be considered, along with your sustainability goals. Then, we’ll recommend a boiler package that delivers the performance, efficiency and cost savings you’re looking for.

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