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Precision steam generators provide large volumes of high quality steam, when you need it, where you need it, every time you need it, without wasting energy waiting for that call for steam. Our steam generators are manufactured to stringent industry standards, with a wide variety of specifications for a range of applications. They are available in electric (HVJ and ISH series) and unfired (USG series) boiler designs, with custom options available. Our steam generators are most commonly used for hydronic heating, sterilization, humidification and process steam.

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HVJ High Voltage Jet Electrode Boiler

Capacities: 2,700 PPH to 140,000 PPH (80 BHP to 4,200 BHP) @ 99.5% efficiency
Standard Model: ASME Section I, Part PEB
Compliances: UL508A, ANSI/NFPA 79

The HVJ is configured to operate from one of three different 3-phase power supplies: 4160 volt, 6900 volt, and 13.2 KV, and its standard operating pressures range from 100 psi to 400 psi; for higher pressure models consult factory.

Particularly well-suited as an auxiliary boiler for power generation facilities and central steam plants, or as a pony boiler for industrial process expansions or additions. The HVJ provides virtually instant steam when needed, ramping up from standby to full output in minutes or even seconds, and can dramatically reduce energy costs using off-peak power. It is commonly used for hydronic heating, sterilization, humidification and process steam. The HVJ is truly one of the most remarkable innovations in the industry, with a long line of benefits, including: superior steam quality (99.8% pure), high output capacity, and the industry’s best actual operating efficiency (99.7% vs. 65% for fossil-fuel boilers). The HVJ’s total cost of ownership is lower than most any fossil-fuel fired boiler due to its: lower installed capital cost, insurance rates, personnel costs, maintenance costs, reduced energy costs, and lower water treatment costs. With no products of combustion, the HVJ is also a safe and environmentally friendly option, and in some areas where the air quality is not in compliance with EPA standards, it may be the only viable option.

  • A VFD controlled circulation pump continuously modulates steam output to match the process steam demand, delivering 100:1 turndown for near infinite modulation
  • The vessel’s operating temperature is never higher than the temperature of the steam it generates, so the HVJ can ramp from standby to full output in minutes or even seconds, for the most rapid response in the industry
  • Steam is generated in the upper two-thirds of the vessel above the surface of the water, providing ample space for water particles to separate from the steam to deliver better than 99.8% dry steam
  • When the HVJ is not generating steam, there is no flue allowing heat to escape, and its very low water volume (one-fifth of a comparable fossil-fuel fired boiler) reduces the amount of energy wasted to keep it in a standby condition
  • In a low water condition, the circulation pump has no water available to generate steam, making it ‘fail-safe’ in low water
  • Requires no vent stack, breeching or combustion air louvers; with no local emissions, no Title V EPA permit is required for installation
  • Most jurisdictions do not require a dedicated boiler operator on staff 24/7 to look after the boiler, reducing personnel costs

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ISH Instantaneous Superheater

Capacities: vary, depending on requirements
Standard Model: ASME Section I, “S” Stamp
Compliances: UL508A, ANSI/NFPA 79

Provides super-heated steam for high temperature process or power generation applications. ISH electric instantaneous superheaters are custom designed to fit nearly any steam re-heat requirement. Standard SCR control provides near infinite modulation to maintain steam set-point temperature. Requires no vent stack, breeching, or combustion air louvers.

  • Custom designs to fit nearly any steam re-heat requirement
  • SCR control provides near infinite modulation to maintain set-point temperature while minimizing energy usage
  • Requires no vent stack, breeching, or combustion air louvers—reducing total installation costs and speeding up completion
  • Commonly used to provided super-heated steam for power generation applications

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